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Welcome to VCE Notes and Study Guides – the place where you will find the best VCE notes from high achieving students across the state.

We have notes from subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, to Legal Studies, Psychology and more.

Having VCE Notes from past students can assist in one’s journey to success in VCE. Textbooks are great, however they also contain a lot of unnecessary information that is not needed to examined by VCAA at the end of year exams. Having notes from an array of resources can also be beneficial when you decide to create your own notes. You can pick the best information from all your resources and compile it all in one document that will help you achieve your best in VCE.

Many students have uploaded their VCE notes to our site to participate in our 70-30 selling of their notes (where students receive 70% of the selling price of their notes), however due to technical difficulties, we have lost all our data. Therefore, if people wish to continue with our service, they can email us at with their notes, name, study score (must be 40+) and we will contact you further.

You can check out our Sell Your VCE Notes service page to find out more.